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Anyone who needs dent repair or bumper repair in Las Vegas should call us now. We service Las Vegas dent removal and do a variety of other automobile reconditioning jobs for our clients.

If your vehicle has dents, dings, or scratches, you may be tired of driving it around. Our auto reconditioning specialists are skilled at performing Las Vegas bumper repairs, Las Vegas dent repairs, and an array of other jobs. For over a decade, RECON Inc. has been helping our clients drive away in automobiles that look as good as new! If you are interested in making an appointment for Las Vegas dent removal, scratch removal, or retouching, contact us. We will schedule a time to look at your car and figure out exactly what course of action to take. If you approve our plan, one of our experts will begin working on the project right away. If you turn to us, you will be behind the wheel of a beautiful, reconditioned vehicle very soon! Auto reconditioning services can make your car like new again. We are licensed, insured and all of our work is either guaranteed or covered by lifetime limited warranty. I promise to make you happy with your car again. For eleven years now RECON Inc has been removing scratches, refinishing scraped bumpers, pulling out door dings and dents with our paintless dent repair (pdr) service, and bringing vehicles to pre-accident condition with our full service Auto Body Shop. ASE and ICAR certified technicians repair your vehicle to the manufacturer's specifications and avoid the hidden traps in Auto Body Repair like using synthetic acrylic enamel paint, leaving the structure bent but making the outsides look pretty or replacing parts when they can be repaired like new.


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Call a friendly technician now for a free quote. This is a huge benefit for you because you can get an exact, flat rate for your minor cosmetic repair. The Auto Body and Paint Repair industry in Las Vegas is run on estimates which are there to benefit insurance comapnies. Don't put up with this system of repair. You'll be lured into a shop with an erroneously low price to repair your car only to sign a repair order that by law allows the shop to raise the price $75 without your permission and allows the shop to legally hold your car hostage if they call and ask for more money to finish the repair. At RECON Bumper and Dent Repair you will get an exact quote to repair your vehicle and the price won't go up unless you're using an insurance company that prefers to start at the artificially unrealistic repair number hoping that you'll cash out and save them money.

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4005 W. Post Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89118, near the corner of Sunset and Valley View inside of Accent Auto Body. Just remember to ask for RECON to get the wholesale pricing.

If you need parts, a mechanical repair or if the damage is more than just door dings or in the bumpers, come to the Auto Body Shop, it's centrally located no more than thirty minutes from any place in Las Vegas or Henderson. If you need a mobile quote for these types of larger repairs that's no problem, I'll come to your location and prepare a repair order quote for just $45, and you can have that money taken off the repair bill when you're ready to get your car fixed.






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Call now for a free price quote and schedule your repairs. It's fast and easy and much less than traditional auto body repair.

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Free loaner cars, Industry best practices, wholesale pricing, Deductible Assistance, Lifetime Limited Warranties, we promise to make you happy with your car.

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